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Denbigh - Dinbych
Denbighshire - Sir Ddinbych


Crown Square

War Memorial - Cofeb rhyfel

C.L. Hartwell

Denbigh - Dinbych /  War Memorial - Cofeb rhyfel   Denbigh - Dinbych /  War Memorial - Cofeb rhyfel


Bronze statue of Winged Peace holding the Wreath of Glory. On the faces of the pedestal are bronze tables, partly covering the original incised text.



1914 - 1919
1939 - 1945

codwyd er
serchog gof
am y rhai o'r
fwrdeisdref hon
a syrthiodd yn y
ddau ryfel byd.

"eu henwau'n perarogli sydd"

1914 - 1919
1939 - 1945

erected to
the sacred memory
of those from
this borough
who fell in the
two world wars. "their name liveth for ever"

Signed: c.l. hartwell a.r.a.

Denbigh - Dinbych / War Memorial - Cofeb rhyfel

Memorial - list of names

We have photos of the list(s) of the names on this memorial. Contact us if you want to see these lists. (contact form)


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Locatie (N 53°11'1" - W 3°25'8") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: gbwa145; Photograph: 30 July 2012
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