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The Mad Hatter

Hatta, the Hatter, character from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
Simon Hedger

Llandudno /  The Mad Hatter   Llandudno /  The Mad Hatter


Statue carved from a giant Oak tree sourced in Berkshire


Signed: www.simonhedger.com

Llandudno / The Mad Hatter

Llandudno Alice Trail

Four sculptures of characters from Alice in Wonderland made by Hedger for the town of Llandudno as part of a trail around the town. They were installed in June 2012. Llandudno has a link with Lewis Carroll; because the family of the "real Alice" regularly spent holidays at their holiday-home Penmorfa, later the Gogarth Abbey Hotel. Contrary to local myth, Alice Liddell did not meet Carroll in the town, and was not told the Alice stories in the town. It is, however, just possible that she may have first read the Alice books in print while on holiday in the town. There is no evidence that Carroll ever visited Penmorfa, and he probably would have been unwelcome if he had. Indeed, there is contrary evidence; a letter exists, written by one of Alice Liddell's sisters when grown-up, saying she had no memory of Carroll ever visiting the girls in Llandudno. It's also said that part of the book was written at the St George's Hotel In Llandudno (Wikipedia).

From the North Wales Pioneer of 20 June 2012:

New statues mark town's Alice Trail
Visitors to Llandudno were left curiouser and curiouser as new additions were made to the town's street-scene. Wooden sculptures of the Queen of Hearts and Alice were put in place on Gloddaeth Street and Vaughan Street this week as part of work on the Alice Trail. The aim of the trail is to take advantage of the town's links with Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll, and draw tourists interested in his work to the town. Two other statues, of the Rabbit and the Mad Hatter, were also installed later in the week.

All four of the installations were made by Carmarthen-based sculptor Simon Hedger. Conwy County Borough Council received financial support to set up the trail from Llandudno Town Council, Visit Wales and the Waste Recycling Environmental (WREN) fund. As well as the sculptures, a flower clock, band stand and outdoor educational site will also be installed at the Happy Valley.
Simon Burrows, a partner at Alice in Wonderland Ltd, who also want to promote the town's links with Carroll's tales, welcomed the installation of the statues. He said: "It's absolutely fantastic. Llandudno needed something to attract the international community and get visitors excited."
Jim Jones, Section Head: Tourism & Coastal Community Development, said: "There is tremendous interest in the Alice stories around the world, and particularly in Japan and the USA and we believe there is great scope for attracting visitors from those countries."

Click here for a interactive map with the locations of the sculptures.



Location (N 53°19'27" - W 3°49'34")

Item Code: gbwa138; Photograph: 30 July 2012
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