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Lord Aberdare - Arglwydd Aberdâr

Henry Austin Bruce, 1st Baron Aberdare GCB, PC, FRS
1815 - 1895
British Liberal Party politician, Home Secretary (1868-1873) and Lord President of the Council. Elected Chancellor of the University of Wales but died two weeks after his election.
Herbert Hampton
Hollinshead & Burton

Cardiff - Caerdydd /  Lord Aberdare - Arglwydd Aberdâr   Cardiff - Caerdydd /  Lord Aberdare - Arglwydd Aberdâr


Bronze statue of Lord Aberdare wearing academic robes, probably those of Chancellor of University of Wales.


henry austin.
lord aberdare. g.c.b. p.c.
born 1815.
died 1895.

Signed: h. hampton sc. 1898
hollinshead & burton / founders

G.C.B. = Grand Commander of the Bath
P.C. = Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council


The statue was finished late 1898 and arrived in Cardiff early December of that year. Since it was not unveiled two months later, the Western Mail informed at Judge Gwilym Williams [he has a statue in Cardiff too] for the reason of the delay. The following interview appear on 9 February 1899:
The "Aberdare" statue at Cardiff. Why it has not been unveiled. Threatening suggestion by Judge Williams

Our Pontypridd reporter on Wednesday interviewed his Honour Judge Gwilym Williams with reference to the delay in bringing about the ceremony of unveiling the statue of the late Lord Aberdare at Cardiff.

Judge Williams said, "Yes, I know; the 'Western Mail' telegraphed to me at Bath. but I had no reason to assign for the delay, except that the date of the unveiling is not yet filed, because we are waiting for Lord Willdsor, the chairman. I am anxious, and everybody is anxious, that he should unveil the monument. I and when I last saw him I tried to get him to fix a date just before or after Christaas, but he could not fix it then. That was before he a went abroad, for I understand he is abroad now. At any rate, I have not heard from him since."

"Is there any difficulty with anybody else?" asked the reporter.

"No, none whatever. But it is necessary that his lordship should be present to unveil the monument, or, at all events, that he should be there, whoever unveils it."

"There is an idea abroad," remarked the reporter, "that there is a possibility of some friction having arisen to cause the delay."

"None whatever, eacept that I got very angry with the sculptor some time ago because he did not finish his work soon enough. I wrote to tell him that all the people connected with it would die before he was ready. You see, Lady Aberdare died; Mr. Clark, who was the prime mover in the matter of the erection of the monument, died; and I was getting anxious. He wrote in reply putting the blame on the Cardiff Corporation, and so that, possibly, is what is meant by the friction. But there has been nothing of that sort since. The statue is there. It has been put up. It has been paid for, and it is good work and a splendid likeness. We are all proud of it, because it is a credit to the sculptor, it is worthy of Cardiff, of the Principality, and of Lord Aberdare."

"So you cannot now fix a time for the unveiling?"

"No. But I have a good mind to have the canvas removed from the head and shoulders of the statue–to take that responsibility upon myself–and then let the formal ceremony be a dedication."

Finally, Lord Windsor unveiled the statue on 2 March 1899.

A plaster (?) copy is in the Old College of Aberystwythstatue in Cardiff.


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