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Cardiff - Caerdydd
Cardiff - Caerdydd (C. & Cty.)


Tacoma Square, Mermaid Quay - Sgwâr Tacoma, Cei'r Fôr-forwyn

People Like Us - Pobl fel Ni

John Clinch

Cardiff - Caerdydd /  People Like Us - Pobl fel Ni   Cardiff - Caerdydd /  People Like Us - Pobl fel Ni


Group of three bronze sculptures: standing man wearing boots and overalls, holding a newspaper in right hand, leaning against railings looking at a woman who is seated on railings with her left arm outstretched looking out over the water, holding a shoe in her lap. In front of both a seated dog.


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Location (N 51°27'46" - W 3°9'55")

Item Code: gbwa017; Photograph: 24 July 2012
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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