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Newport - Casnewydd
Newport - Casnewydd (city)


Austin Friars

The Vision of St. Gwynllyw

also: The Bell Carrier
Sebastien Boyesen

Newport - Casnewydd /  The Vision of St. Gwynllyw   Newport - Casnewydd /  The Vision of St. Gwynllyw


Large bronze ox with a bell strapped to his back. The bell rests on straw and is contained in a wooden hoist. The ox stands on a stepped stone base and has mosaic tiles under with bronze semi-circle bands bearing inscription on either side.

Newport - Casnewydd / The Vision of St. Gwynllyw


unveiled for newport borough council by his worshipful
the mayor of newport, councillor john jenkins february 17th 1996
councillor harry g. jones cbe leader of the council
sculpture by sebastian boyesen 1993-96
was converted to christianity when he was told
in a dream to search for a white ox and in this place
to build a church the original structure no longer exists
but on the same site now stands the cathedral of st. woolos
at the top of stow hill in newport

On the semi-circle bronze bands:

this agricultural ox designates that this country is to be cultivated

"about the banks of the river is a certain mountain where a white ox is seen"


The sculpture was inspired by the legend of Gwynllyw's conversion to Christianity. Gwynllyw (in English Woolos) was was told in a dream to search for a white ox with a black spot on its forehead, and to build a church on that place as an act of penitence. The original church no longer exists but the cathedral of St. Woolos now stands on the same site at the top of Stow Hill in Newport.


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Location (N 51°35'12" - W 2°59'40")

Item Code: gbwa012; Photograph: 24 July 2012
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