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Hawarden - Penarlâg
Flintshire / Sir y Fflint


The Highway / Glynne Way

Gladstone Memorial Fountain

Golden wedding of William Gladstone and Catherine Glynne
Edward Griffith & Donald Hastings

Hawarden - Penarlâg /  Gladstone Memorial Fountain   Hawarden - Penarlâg /  Gladstone Memorial Fountain


Three-sided stone fountain in municipal Renaissance style with a dedication plaque in south face. Relief portraits of Gladstone and his wife in roundels, in west and east faces respectively. Swagged surrounds. Base with moulded plinth and scrolled corners. Above these are a sculpted, armed putto sitting astride a dolphin, and at the other corners griffins bearing the arms of the Glynnes and the Gladstones.

Hawarden - Penarlâg - Gladstone Memorial Fountain
William Ewart Gladstone
Hawarden - Penarlâg - Gladstone Memorial Fountain
Catherine Gladstone



1839 1889

This Fountain
was erected by
Parishioners of Hawarden,
In Commemoration of the
golden wedding
William Ewart Gladstone,
Catherine Gladstone,
july 25. 1889.
as a slight token of the
admiration and affection
inspired by residence
of fifty years

Signed (on the text tablet): e griffith designer / [& scul]ptor [ch]ester
On Gladstone's portrait: E On Mrs. Gladstone's portrait: donald hastings 1935


Erected by the people of Hawarden to commemorate the golden wedding of W.E. Gladstone and his wife in 1889. It was unveiled on 29 December 1890, the former's 81st birthday. W.E. Gladstone married Catherine Glynne of Hawarden Castle in 1839. He lived at the castle from that time, and on the death of the last male representative of the Glynne family in 1874, W.H. Gladstone, the Prime Minister's eldest ston, succeeded to the estate.

The portrait of Mrs. Gladstone is obviously a replacement, maybe the one of Gladstne also.


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Location (N 53°11'4" - W 3°1'31")

Item Code: gbwa003; Photograph: 23 October 2009
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