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South West England

Corn Street 37-39
(Friends Provident Building)

Peace, Plenty, Benevolence and Prudence

Hermon Cawthra & Austin Crompton Roberts

Bristol /  Peace, Plenty, Benevolence and Prudence   Bristol /  Peace, Plenty, Benevolence and Prudence


Nos. 37-39 Corn Street was erected for the insurance company Friends' Provident and Century Life Office, built in 1933 by the architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott for the front façade and the company's architect A.W. Roques for the interior. There are two Art Deco figures above and either side of the portico, which are 'symbolic of virtues which it is the object of life assurance offices to encourage. The figure the right represents Benevolence, by her attention, care and sympathy towards the child, and Prudence is indicated by the money box in the child's hands, also by the money bags at her feet. The figure on the left with the doves and copia represents Peace and Plenty. The grille over the main entrance was prepared by Mr Austin Crompton Roberts, and the carving each side of the central window on the first floor was executed by Messrs Hearn, Rogers and Hartley.'
Bristol - Peace, Plenty, Benevolence and Prudence
Peace and Plenty.
Bristol - Peace, Plenty, Benevolence and Prudence
Benevolence and Prudence.

Above the door is a grille depicting a woman with an owl and a mirror flanked by six 'dancers'.

Bristol - Peace, Plenty, Benevolence and Prudence


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  • Country: Great Britain
  • Benevolence
  • Cawthra, Hermon
  • Charity (Charitas)
  • Cornucopia
  • Peace (Pax)
  • Plenty
  • Prudentia
  • Roberts, Austin Crompton
  • Locatie (N 51°27'15" - W 2°35'41") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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