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Goddess of Wisdom

Musgrave Watson

Bristol /  Goddess of Wisdom


Tympanum with a relief:

The Goddess of Wisdom is represented in a car drawn by horses - a model somewhat similar to the horses and chariot group of the Vatican Gallery. Music, Poesy, and Light, attended by her emblematic bird, guide the Goddess of Wisdom ; while following in her path are the Graces, strewing flowers. Two flying figures precede the car - Night, clasping an owl to her bosom with her right hand, and holding drooping poppies in her left, while Morning, following in her wake, has an hour-glass in her hand extended towards the horses of Aurora, and opening flowers in her right. The work was hastily got up for a money price ; but, had more pains been bestowed upon it, it would have been worthy of Watson's name as a composition strictly classical, and well adapted for the full display of his powers (Lonsdale 1866, p. 132).
carving of 'Dawn' in the tympanum, and CHARLES DYER, ARCHITECT 1840 inscribed to the left.


Charles Dyer architect 1840

Bristol - Goddess of Wisdom


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  • Athena / Minerva
  • Aurora
  • Graces (The Three)
  • Light
  • Music (allegory)
  • Night (allegory)
  • Poetry (allegory)
  • Tympanum
  • Watson, Musgrave
  • Locatie (N 51°27'29" - W 2°36'34") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: gbsw031; Photograph: 21 March 2019
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