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South East England

High Street
(Theatre Royal Square)

Chatham Theatre Royal

artist unknown

Chatham /  Chatham Theatre Royal


Square with benches and wooden walls forming three parts of a circle. Against the wooden walls are aluminium silhouettes of actors.

Depicted are:

Chatham - Chatham Theatre Royal
Chatham - Chatham Theatre Royal
Chatham - Chatham Theatre Royal

  1. Laurel and Hardy, comedy double act during the early Classical Hollywood era of American cinema. The team was composed of thin Englishman, Stan Laurel (1890-1965) and heavyset American, Oliver Hardy (1892-1957). (Wikipedia).
  2. Morecambe and Wise, Eric Morecambe (John Eric Bartholomew, 1926-1984) and Ernie Wise (Ernest Wiseman, 1925-1999) were a British comic double act, working in variety, radio, film and most successfully in television (Wikipedia).
  3. Charlie Chaplin (London 1889 - Vevey 1977), English comic actor and filmmaker (Wikipedia).


In the center of the circle is a circular plaque with arms pointing to the silhouettes. The text in the central circle is:

Designed by the Local Architect George Bond - Opened in July 1899 with a performance of The Liars.
Host to many of the greatest performers of the 20th Century including Rex Harrison, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Shas Taylor, Gracie Fields, George Formby, Max Miller and Norman Wisdom.

Pointing to Laurel and Hardy:

"I had a dream that I was awake and I woke to find myself asleep"
He doesn't want me! He wants the other monkey! (Stan Laurel)

Pointing to Morecambe and Wise:

"My mother's got a Whistler" (Ernie Wise)
"I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order" (Eric Morecambe)

Pointing to Chaplin:

"A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer,
a lonely fellow, always hopeful of ramance and adventure." (Charlie Chaplin)


The square was created by the Deprived Neighbourhood Approach (DNA) project.



  • Country: Great Britain
  • Actor
  • Chaplin, Charlie
  • Comedian
  • Hardy, Oliver
  • Laurel, Stan
  • Morecambe, Eric
  • Wise, Ernie
  • Locatie (N 51°23'0" - E 0°31'20") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: gbse118; Photograph: 15 August 2015
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