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Marine Parade

Merchant Navy War Memorial

Vivien Mallock

Dover /  Merchant Navy War Memorial   Dover /  Merchant Navy War Memorial


Bronze statue of a sailor overlooking the harbour entrance. The figure is depicted on watch with a pair of binoculars, and could be either an ordinary seaman or an officer.


in remembrance of
merchant navy seamen who lost their lives
in world war ii 1939-1945

they sustained heavy losses,
1 in 3 merchant navy seamen
did not survive the war.

merchant navy seamen killed30,248
prisoner of war5,720
total of casualties45,329

Look out to sea and say a prayer
For those who rest beneath,
They gave their lives, that you may share
A Europe that is free.

Donald Hunter 2008

in remembrance of
merchant navy seamen
who gave their lives in
'operation neptunte'
the code name for the d-day landings
june 6th to september 1944.
the large seaborne operation to land
and supply our armies in normandy, france.

its objective was to free france
and so complete the first phase of the
'liberation of europe.'

one of these convoy routes
to the landing beaches
was from london docks via the dover straits
to normandy.
the enemy attacks on this convoy route
along the french occupied & heavily fortified
coast took heavy toll
in the lives of merchant seamen


this was the longest battle of ww ii
which lasted from
september 1939 until may 1945

during this battle the merchant navy
sustained their heaviest losses of ships
and their crews.

in remembrance of those seamen
who gave their lives in order
to keep britain's 'lifeline' open
to transport troops
and vital war materials.

they paid a heavy price.

this merchant navy war memorial
was funded by donations to the
dover & district merchant navy memorial fund,
in remembrance of the merchant navy seamen
who lost their lives in world war ii

founder and fund-raiser:
donald hunter, legion d'honneur m.n. (ww ii)

sculptor: vivien mallock


Monogram: VM


Unveiled in September 2008 by Sir Winston Churchill.


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Location (N 51°7'25" - E 1°19'3")

Item Code: gbse078; Photograph: 13 August 2015
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