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In Nordic mythology, the fire giant who lives in Muspelheim. He guards the entrance to this world of fire with the flaming sword Surtalogi
Philip Bews and Diane Gorvin

Chester /  Surtr   Chester /  Surtr


Sculpture of the giant Surtr.
See also its counterpart Ymir.

Chester - Surtr

Information Sign

Celebrating Chester s link to the Viking?
Norse Gods

Designed in 2019 by the same artists who created
Ymir, Surtr represents Ymir's opposition known as the
'fire giant'.
According to Norse legends, Surtr ends the world clearing
the old to make way for the new with his burning Sword.
You can see Surtr's burning sword in the sculpture!
The statues are designed to be opposites just like their
legendary counterparts.
Ymir has soft curves and is made from stone whilst Surtr
is harsher with angles, mixed metal surfaces and an
implacable visage.
Planting is a mix of cool blues and hot reds.
Walk around this flower bed to see Surtr's rival-Ymlr!
Sculptures by Diane Gorvin and Phil Bews



Locatie (N 53°11'24" - W 2°52'58") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: gbnw144; Photograph: 25 June 2023
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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