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St John's Gardens (L1)

James Nugent

Liverpool 1822 - Formby 1905
Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Liverpool; known for his work with the poor and as founder of the Catholic Times
Frederick W. Pomeroy

Liverpool /  James Nugent   Liverpool /  James Nugent


Statue of Monsignor James Nugent standing in Roman Catholic clerical dress, his right hand raised in a gesture of benediction and his left arm protectively round a 'little outcast', a poor boy dressed only in torn breeches, and barefoot.



erected by public subscription
unveiled 8th december 1906
the apostle of temperance
the protector of the orphan child
the consoler of the prisoner
the reformer of the criminal
the saviour of fallen womanhood
the friend of all in poverty and affliction.
an eye to the blind, a foot to the
lame, the father of the poor
speak a kind word. take them gently by the hand.
work is the best reforming and elevating power.
loyalty to country and to god.


F.W. Pomeroy Sculpt 1905

St John's Gardens

The spot of the St John the Baptist church - demolished in 1898 - at it's cemetery - full in 1854 - was redeveloped and opened in 1904 as 'St John's Ornamental and Memorial Gardens'. The gardens were designed by the corporation surveyor Thomas Shelmerdine. In addition to the creation of flower beds, the gardens contain an assemblage of six statues of great men connected with Liverpool and the King's Liverpool Regiment monument.

In chronological order:

  1. Alexander Balfour, by Albert Bruce-Joy, 1889.*
  2. William Rathbone VI, by George Frampton, 1901.
  3. Sir Arthur Bower Forwood, by George Frampton, 1903.
  4. William Gladstone, by Thomas Brock, 1904.
  5. The King's Liverpool Regiment Monument, by W. Goscombe John, 1905.
  6. James Nugent, by Frederick Pomeroy, 1906.
  7. T. Major Lester, by George Frampton, 1907.
  8. RoadPeace Monument, by Tom Murphy, 2005.
* The Balfour statue was erected before the replanning of the area, it was later moved eastwards to its present location.


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Locatie (N 53°24'31" - W 2°58'54") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: gbnw078; Photograph: 18 June 2023
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