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Pier Head (L3)

King Edward VII

London 1841 - London 1910
King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Emperor of India, 1901-1910
W. Goscombe John
A.B. Burton (Thames Ditton)

Liverpool /  King Edward VII   Liverpool /  King Edward VII


Equestrian statue of King Edward VII in a relaxed pose, wearing the uniform of a field-marshall.

In June 1916, a reporter from the Liverpool Echo saw a model of the statue in London. He devoted a laudatory article to it, part of which follows here:

The horse the typical English half-bred charger, full of bone, splendidly modelled, with magnificent shoulder and propelling power in the hind quarters. horses as men, quality comes out in the head.
This charger carries lovely head and curved neck of great beauty. His mouth half open. He is pulling at the bit, prancing, eager to go forward. The King, who looks elderly but not old, wears the uniform of field-marshal, and the marshal's baton staff is placed in right hand, while he holds the reins with correct equestrian grip with the left hand.

In August 1916 the real bronze statue was made, which was transported to Liverpool.




w. goscombe john r.a. 1916

Liverpool - King Edward VII


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Item Code: gbnw037; Photograph: 17 June 2023
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