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Nelson Monument

Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) was killed while leading the English navy to victory against French Napoleonic forces at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805
Richard Westmacott & Matthew Cotes Wyatt

Liverpool /  Nelson Monument   Liverpool /  Nelson Monument


Circular stone monument, with on top a bronze sculpture group featuring Nelson astride a cannon, Victory above him, a sailor, a mourning Britannia, and a skeleton emerging from beneath a draped flag. Around the pedestal are prisoners of war in shackles, interspersed with four panels showing Nelson's victories at St Vincent, the Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar.

Prisoners of war in shackles

Nelson receiving the surrender of the San José at the Battle of Cape St Vincent, 14 February 1797

Battle of the Nile, 1 August 1798

Battle of Copenhagen, 2 April 1801

The Death of Nelson at Trafalgar


Around the monument is circumscribed:

england expects every man to do his duty
(the text appears twice).


The monument was Liverpool's first major public sculpture and commemorates Nelson as a great English hero. The monument was unveiled in October 1813. It was designed by Matthew Coates Wyatt and sculpted by (Sir) Richard Westmacott. The sculpture was funded by public subscription. William Roscoe (1753-1831) donated a large amount of money to the fund and influenced the choice of designer. As Roscoe was an anti-slavery campaigner, there are debates around the sculpture having a dual role in symbolising both prisoners of war and the suffering produced by slavery.


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  • Country: Great Britain
  • Man (shackled)
  • Naval Officer
  • Nelson, Horatio
  • Prisoner of War
  • Sailor (navy)
  • Westmacott, Richard
  • Wyatt, Matthew Cotes
  • Locatie (N 53°24'27" - W 2°59'31") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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