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Durham, County

North East England

Wharton Park

"Albert the Good"

J. Gibson
19th century

Durham /  "Albert the Good"   Durham /  "Albert the Good"


Stone statue of a monarch in medieval robes with orb and sceptre, now headless. The oldest photo with the statue dates from 1968, with head. The statue dates from the 19th century, and even the sculptor is known, J. Gibson. Further the statue is a mystery

Durham - "Albert the Good"
The statue with the head from the photo on the information sign

The park information sign gives the following information on this statue:

When visitors entered the park from North Road, they would have seen the Prince Albert Oak, planted in its stone-built container with the I scription "whilst we have time, let us do good to all men". The oak was panted by Wiliam Lloyd Wharton on 1O March 1863, in memory of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert who had died in 1861.
The 10 March 1863 was the occasion of the wedding of Prince Edward to Princess Alexandra of Denmark. He was the son of Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert. After Queen Victoria's death he became King Edward VII. William made a speech praising Queen Victoria's husband, hoping that their son would be as good as his father.
Sometime after the oak tree was planted, a statue was mysteriously placed next to it. It stands upon a stone plinth inscribed "Albert the Good".
People thought it might represent Prince Albert. However, the figure holds an orb and a sceptre, the symbols of a monarch. Queen Victoria's husband was never king - so who does the statue represent?
People who played in the park as children in the 1930s and 40s cannot remember seeing this statue. It appears to have been moved here from another place. Can you help to solve the mystery?




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Item Code: gbne016; Photograph: 30 July 2019
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