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Greater London

The Mall / Carlton Gardens (SW1)

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
(London 1900 - Windsor 2002)
wife of King George VI and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II
Philip Jackson & Paul Day

London /  Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother   London /  Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother


Bronze statue of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at the time of her husband's death in 1952. It stands on a stone pedestal with her coat-of-arms in relief. At the sides of the monuments are two reliefs showing scenes of the Queen Mother's life.

The left hand frieze illustrates the part played by the King and Queen during the Blitz on London.

London - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

The right hand frieze depicts the Queen Mother's later life and her interests.

London - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Part of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Memorial, completed in its present form in 2009. The memorial incorporates an earlier statue of George VI by William McMillan, unveiled by his daughter Queen Elizabeth II in 1955. The reconfigured memorial, which includes a statue of the Queen Mother by Philip Jackson, relief sculpture by Paul Day and an architectural setting by Donald Buttress and Donald Insall, was unveiled by Elizabeth II in 2009.



the bronze memorial statue of
king george vi
by william macmillan
stood here from 1956 in a setting
designed by louis de soissons
inn 2008 it was moved to become
part of the new memorial to

donald buttress & donald insall associates
Architects. sculptors: philip jackson & paul day


(statue) jackson
(relief left) paul day 2007 (and relief right) Paul Day 2008

London - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother


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Location (N 51°30'18" - W 0°8'1")

Item Code: gblo196; Photograph: 18 March 2019
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