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James Wolfe

Westerham 1727 - Quebec 1759
British officer, remembered chiefly for his victory over the French battle at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Canada in 1759
Robert Tait McKenzie

London /  James Wolfe   London /  James Wolfe


Bronze statue "standing quietly, his lowered telescope in his right hand, his left resting easily on his lap. He gazes straight forward, thinking if out. He wears the three cornered hat so constantly shown in his pictures, his long full skirted tunic, knee breeches and gaiters, with stock and ruff about the neck and short sword or hanger in his scabbard at his belt. Over all is thrown his ample military cloak and cape, enveloping the whole figure with its long folds" (Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - Wednesday 04 June 1930).



Victor of

this monument
the gift of
canadian people
was unveiled on
the fifth of june 1930
le marquis de montcalm


R | tait | McKenzie


Unveiled 5 June 1930 by the Marquis de Montcalm. descendant of the French commander at Quebec defeated by Wolfe in 1759.

The position of the statue is given by Google Earth as 0°0'2" west is not correct, since the statue stands a few meters east of the Prime Meridian.

London - James Wolfe


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Location (N 51°28'40" - W 0°0'2")

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Item Code: gblo179; Photograph: 22 October 2015
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