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Greater London

Royal Exchange Buildings (EC3)

Paul Julius Reuter

Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuter (Baron de Reuter)
Kassel 1816 - Nice 1899
German-born British entrepreneur, pioneer of telegraphy and news reporting; journalist and media owner, founder of the Reuters news agency
Michael Black

London /  Paul Julius Reuter   London /  Paul Julius Reuter


Bust (a so-called herm bust) of Cornish granite.


paul julius
born 1816 kassel, germany
died 1899 nice, france
founded the world
news organisation
that bears his name
in no. 1 royal exchange
buildings in the city
of london, near this
site, on 14 october 1851

The supply of information
to the world's traders in
securities, commodoties
and currencies was then
and is now the mainspring
of reuters activities & the
guarantee of the founder's
aims of accurace, rapidity
and reliability. news
services based on those
principles now go to news
papers, radio & television
networks & governments
throughout the world.
reuters has faithfully
continued the work begun
here. to attest this & to
honour paul julius reuter
this memorial was set
here by reuters to mark
the 125th anniversary
of reuters foundation &
inaugurated by edmund
l de rothschild, td 18.10.76.


m. black sc


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Locatie (N 51°30'49" - W 0°5'11") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: gblo157; Photograph: 8 August 2014
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