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Greater London

Tower Hill (EC3)

Emperor Trajan

53-117 A.D.
Roman emperor from 98 AD until his death

1980 (2nd century)

London /  Emperor Trajan   London /  Emperor Trajan


Bronze replica of an ancient marble statue


chivrazzi | napoli - roma

Information Sign

statue believed to be of the roman emperor trajan,
a.d. 98-118.
'imperator caesar nerva trajanus augustus'
presented by the tower hill improvement trust at the
request of the reverend p.b. clayton, ch, mc, dd,
founder padre of toc h.


The statue was discovered in a scrapyard by Clayton, rector of All Hallows Barking and founder of Toc H, a Christian charity.

Sources & Information


Location (N 51°30'35" - W 0°4'34")

Item Code: gblo150; Photograph: 8 August 2014
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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