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Greater London

St. Paul's Churchyard Gardens (EC4)

Saint Paul

(c. 5 - c. 67 )
persecuted the early followers of Jesus before switching sides and seeking to join them. He was instrumental in creating the Christian Church. He is the protector of tent-makers, theologians and the ecclesiastical press and is depicted with a sword
Bertram Mackennal

London /  Saint Paul   London /  Saint Paul


Doric column of Portland stone with a gilded statue of St. Paul carrying an ecclesiastical cross in his left hand and with his right hand lifted in the act of bestowing a blessing. Standing on an elaborate base with four consoles and crouching figures of children and the coats of arms of the United Kingdom , St. Paul's Cathedral , the City of London , and probably that of Henry Richards.

London - Saint Paul London - Saint Paul London - Saint Paul London - Saint Paul


on this plot of grovnd
stood of old "pavl's cross" where at amid svch
scenes of good and evil as make vp hvman affairs
the conscience of chvrch and nation throvgh
five centvries fovnd pvblic vtterance
the first record of it is in 1191 a.d. it was rebvilt
by bishop kemp in 1440 and was finally removed
by order of the long parliament in 1643.
this cross was re-erected in its present form
vnder the will of h.c. richards
to recall and to renew
the ancient memories

in memory of anne richards bvried in this
chvrchyard of her son frederick richards for
many years resident in watling street and of her
grandson frederick field richards priest resident
for many years in st pavls' chvrchyard this cross
was erected by henry charles richards citizen
baker and tvrner one of his maiesty's covnsel
treasvrer of the honovrable society of gray's
inn 1904 1905 and member of parliament for
east finsbvry 1895 1905 who spent the happiest
hovrs of a bvsy life as a freqvent worshipper
within the walls of this cathedral
"god be mercifvl to me as a sinner"
h.c.r. ob 1st ivne 1905.


Near this spot stood originally a preaching cross and open-air pulpit in the grounds of Old St Paul's Cathedral, the so-called St. Paul's Cross. The Puritans destroyed the cross and pulpit in 1643 during the First English Civil War. Between 1908 and 1910 the present column was erected, from funds provided by the will of the barrister Henry Charles Richards. Richards had hoped that the medieval preaching cross would be reconstructed, but the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral decided that this would be out of keeping with the architectural setting, Sir Christopher Wren having rebuilt the cathedral in the 17th century. The resulting monument is to a Baroque revival design by Sir Reginald Blomfield, with a statue of Saint Paul by Sir Bertram Mackennal standing on a Doric column of Portland stone


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