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Kensington Gardens (W2)
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Edward Jenner

Berleley, Gloucestershire 1749 - Berkeley 1823
English physician and scientist, who was the pioneer of smallpox vaccine
William Calder Marshall

London /  Edward Jenner   London /  Edward Jenner


Statue of Jenner, seated, and holding papers in one hand.




w. calder marshall. r.a. | sculpt. 1858.

Information Sign

Edward Jenner MD FRS
Country Doctor Who Benefited Mankind

In Jenner;s time smallpox was a dreaded disease
worldwide and caused many deaths particularly of
children. Survivors were left badly scarred and
often blinded or deformed.

In 1796 Jenner vaccinated James Phipps with
cowpox and showed that the boy was then immune
to smallpox. He predicted the worldwie eradication
of smallpox. This was finally achieved in 1980.

Jenner was born, practised and died in Berkeley
Gloucestershire and studied at St. George's
Hospital, London.

This statue by William Calder Marshall RA was
inaugurated by Prince Albert, the Prince Consort
and was the first to be erected in Kensington
Gardens in 1862. The cost was met by international

This plaque was funded and placed here by
the friends of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens,
The Jenner Educational Trust and
St. George's Hospital Medical School in 1996,
the Bicentennial Anniversary of Jenner's discovery.


It was erected on Trafalgar Square in 1858, and replaced to the present location four years later.

London - Edward Jenner


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