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Victoria Embankment Gardens (WC2)
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Robert Burns

Alloway, Ayrshire 1759 - Dumfries 1796
Scottish poet and lyricist
John Steell

London /  Robert Burns   London /  Robert Burns


Bronze statue of Robert Burns, attired in the rustic dress of the peasant of Scotland at the time, seated on the broken stump of a tree, in 'the act of composing. Near the foot of the figure is a scroll with the text "O Sweet to stray, and pensive ponder, A heart-felt sang" (from Burns' poem To William Simpson Of Ochiltree, 1785), and beside it a broken ploughshare.
On the rock is written: the gift of john gordon crawford 1884.


1759 — 1796

"The Poetic Genius of my Country found me at the
Plough – and threw her inspiring mantle over me. She
bade me sing the loves, the joys, the rural scenes and
rural pleasures of my native soil, in my native tongue;
I tuned my wild, artless notes as she inspired."

London - Robert BNurns


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Location (N 51°30'30" - W 0°7'18")

Item Code: gblo100; Photograph: 5 August 2014
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