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Greater London

Inner Temple Lane (EC4)
(Against rear wall of Fleet Street 30 to 32)

John Hiccocks

c. 1659 - 1726
Master in Chancery

18th century

London /  John Hiccocks   London /  John Hiccocks


Recumbent figure in white marble on modern brick base with stone tablet.


Magister in Cancellario
Magister in Cancellario Vir
Integer Vita: in Forensi negotio
Inter severiores Iurisprudentiæ Litteras
Urbanitate Morum conspicuus
In rerum Civilium Vicissitudine
Civis Bonus, et Inconcussus
In labefacta Valetudine, et acutis doloribus
Sui potens, et Comes in amicos.
Curiam Suam penitus inspectam
Et exagitatas acerrime fraudum Latebras
Lucro apponebat:
Virtutis enim Intemeratæ suæ Famam ftabilivit
Temerata Suspicio.
Obijt V. Apr.
Ætat. LVIII.

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Location (N 51°30'48" - W 0°6'36")

Item Code: gblo077; Photograph: 4 August 2014
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