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Greater London

Victoria Embankment Gardens (WC2)
(Temple Garden)

William Edward Forster

Bradpole, Dorset 1818 - 1886
English industrialist, philanthropist and Liberal Party statesman
Henry Richard Hope-Pinker

London /  William Edward Forster   London /  William Edward Forster


Bronze statue of Forster, standing, with book in left hand, and right hand open behind him.


On the side of the baseplate:
member of parliament | for twenty years | for bradford 1861 1886

william edward forster
born july 11-1818
died april 5-1886
to his wisdom and courage
england owes
the establishment
throughout the land
of a national system of
elementary education


Unveiled 1 August 1890. Erected outside the (now demolished) London School Board offices, appropriately enough as Forster was responsible for the act of Parliament which provided compulsory state education for all children


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Location (N 51°30'40" - W 0°6'47")

Item Code: gblo069; Photograph: 4 August 2014
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