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Victoria Embankment Gardens (WC2)
(Whitehall Garden, Ministry of Defence section)

Fleet Air Arm Memorial (Daedalus)

Daedalus (Ancient Greek: Δαίδαλος), skillful craftsman and artist; the father of Icarus
James Walter Butler

London /  Fleet Air Arm Memorial (Daedalus)   London /  Fleet Air Arm Memorial (Daedalus)


Bronze statue of Daedalus as a modern pilot reflecting on his fallen comrades. He stands atop a column which rises out of a plinth reminiscent of the prow of a ship.


On the 'ship's prow'


to the everlasting memory of all the men and women from
the united kingdom, the british commonwealth and the many
allied nations who have given their lives whilst serving
in the royal naval air service and the fleet air arm

he rode upon a cherub and did fly: yea he did fly upon the wings of the wind


belgian coast 1914-18 suez-
-canal 1915 dardanelles 19-
15-16 mesopotamia 1915-17
jutland 1916 atlantic 19-
-39-45 english channel 19-
-39-45 north sea 1939-45
river plate 1939 mediterr-
-anean 1940-45 norway 19-
-40-44-45 narvik 1940 dun-
-kirk 1940 calabria 1940 li-
-bya 1940-42 taranto 1940
spartivento 1940 malta-
-convoys 1941-42 arctic 19-
-41-45 matapan 1941

crete 1941 'bismarck' 1941
diego suarez 1942 north-
-africa 1942-43 sicily 1943
salerno 1943 aegean 1944
normandy 1944 sabang 19-
-44 south france 1944 bu-
-rma 1944-45 palembang 19-
-45 malaya 1945 okinawa-
-1945 japan 1945 korea 1950-
-53 falkland islands 1982
kuwait 1991


Unveiled 1 June 2000 by the Prince of Wales.


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Locatie (N 51°30'14" - W 0°7'26") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: gblo055; Photograph: 3 August 2014
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