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East Midlands

Castle Hill
(Lincoln Castle)

King George III

London 1738 - Windsor 1820
King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1760-1820, King of Hanover 1814-1820
Eleanor Coade & Joseph Panzetta

Lincoln /  King George III   Lincoln /  King George III


The bust was once part of a 4.3 m tall statue. It was commissioned in 1810 in celebration of the George III's Golden Jubilee by the Earl of Buckinghamshire and placed on top of 35 m high Dunston Pillar on his estate. The statue was removed in 1941 as it was judged by the Royal Air Force to be hazardous to aeroplanes then based at airfields on Lincoln Heath. Parts of the statue, which was made of the artificial stone, were broken in this process. In 1956 the statue was given to the Lincolnshire Local History Society, and the fragments were delivered to Lincoln Castle and stacked in the masons' yard. In 2010 the bust was put on display, the rest of the statue awaits restoration.

Lincoln - King George III

The original statue was described in the British Press on 13 November 1810:

… the Earl of Buckinghamshire has erected upon the Pillar a magnificent colossal Statue of our venerable Sovereign. It was executed by Coade in artificia; stone, and measures 14 feet in height, standing upon a pedestal 9 feet high. His Majesty is represented in his Coronation Robes, with a crown upon his head and a sceptre in his right hand. Thouth its elevation from the ground is 115 feet, yet the features are perfectly distinct, and altogether it makes a grand and magnificent appearance. - Two feet above the old inscription [about the erection of the pillar in 1751 by sir Frances Dashwood] is affixed a tablet, with the following record of his Lordship's loyalty:
"The Statue upon this Pillar
was erected A.D. 1810,
by Robert, Earl of Buckinghamshire,
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary
Of the Reign of His Majesty,
King George III."

Lincoln - King George III


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