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Hemel Hempstead

East of England


Water Play

Michael Rizzello

Hemel Hempstead /  Water Play   Hemel Hempstead /  Water Play


Sculpture of two boys and a girl who is standing on the boys' shoulders.
Originally the sculpture was part of a fountain. This fountain was demolished and the sculpture was placed on top of an upside-down conical plinth, with text and plans of the Marlowes pedestrial zone, which have no relation to the sculpture. The only reference to the sculpture is at the bottom of the plinth:

This bronze fountain sculpture "Water Play" symbolizes the energy
co-operation and sporting spirit of youth in Dacorum.
Sculptor Michael Rizzello OBE, November 1993


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Location (N 51°44'58" - W 0°28'21")

Item Code: gbee125; Photograph: 23 March 2019
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