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Marconi Plaza

Guglielmo Marconi

Bologna 1874 - Rome 1937
Italian inventor and electrical engineer, known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission
Stephen Hicklin
AB Fine Art Foundry (London)

Chelmsford /  Guglielmo Marconi   Chelmsford /  Guglielmo Marconi


Statue of Marconi with a telephone and a lightning bolt projecting from his upright hand. He stands on a globe, the telephone wire from the telephone winds around his legs and around the globe. This globe rest on four beams, at the base of these beams is a relief showing a map of the northern hemisphere and text.

Chelmsford - Guglielmo Marconi Chelmsford - Guglielmo Marconi Chelmsford - Guglielmo Marconi

The statue was since 2002 in the Essex Records Office and with a new plinth in 2008 placed on the Marconi Plaza.

Guglielmo Marconi founded in 1897 his telecommunications and engineering company in Chelmsford, te "Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company". The firm opened the world's first radio factory on Hall Street in in 1898 and was responsible for some of the most important advances in radio and television. The company closed down in 2006 under the name Marconi Corporation plc.


guglielmo marconi (1874-1937)
the father of wireless
the world's first
transatlantic transmission 1901


(globe) Stephen Hicklin June 2002
(map) Stephen Hicklin 2008

Chelmsford - Guglielmo Marconi


Sources & Information


  • Country: Great Britain
  • AB Fine Art Foundry (London)
  • Engineer
  • Hicklin, Stephen
  • Inventor
  • Map
  • Marconi, Guglielmo
  • Statue
  • Telephone
  • Location (N 51°44'8" - E 0°27'56")

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