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Portrait Bench Norwich

Edith Cavell - Horation Nelson - Stephen Fry
Katy Hallett

Norwich /  Portrait Bench Norwich   Norwich /  Portrait Bench Norwich


Portrait Bench (see below) with two dimensional silhouettes of:

    Norwich - Portrait Bench Norwich
    1. Edith Louisa Cavell
    Norwich - Portrait Bench Norwich
    2. Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson
    Norwich - Portrait Bench Norwich
    3. Stephen John Fry

  1. Edith Louisa Cavell 1865-1915 "She is remembered for saving lives in World War 1, assisting the Allied war effort and her stoicism in the face of death." - (Swardeston, Norfolk, 1865 - Schaarbeek 1915), British nurse; saved the lives of soldiers from both sides and helped some 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium during the First World War, for which she was arrested. She was subsequently court-martialled, found guilty of treason and sentenced to death (Wikipedia).
  2. Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson 1758-1805 "Inspirational commander, he died in action at the Battle of Trafalgar having assured a British victory." (Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk 1758 - o/b Victory near Trafalgar 1805), English Vice Admiral (Wikipedia)
  3. Stephen John Fry b. 1957 "Actor, author, screenwriter, journalist, comedian and television presenter; renowned for Blackadder, QI and other TV performances." (Wikipedia).
The bench with the information signs stands a few meters further against the wall.


Made by Katy Hallett of Sustrans from designs by local pupils.

Sustrans' Portrait Benches

A national social history project that celebrates the uniqueness of each location. Communities across the UK nominated local people for the contribution they have made to local life, culture or history to become the figures on their local Portrait Bench to be part of a collection of over 250 portraits.

The Portrait Bench is a simple bench accompanied by the three life-size characters chosen by the community. The figures are two dimensional siloquettes, cut from CorTen steel so they will weather to a fine rust surface and become a natural part of the landscape.

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Sources & Information


  • Actor
  • Cavell, Edith
  • Fry, Stephen John
  • Hallett, Katy
  • Naval Officer
  • Nelson, Horatio
  • Nurse
  • Sit-by-me statue
  • Writer / poet
  • Locatie (N 52°37'35" - E 1°18'19") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: gbee098; Photograph: 24 October 2015
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