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Figures of Maldon's History

Nathaniel Hitch

Maldon /  Figures of Maldon's History   Maldon /  Figures of Maldon's History


Six statues in the niches of the outside walls commemorate six notable men in some way associated with the history of Maldon.
    Facing west:
  1. mellitvs - Mellitus (d. 624), first Bishop of London in the Saxon period, the third Archbishop of Canterbury, and a member of the Gregorian mission sent to England to convert the Anglo-Saxons from their native paganism to Christianity. He arrived in 601 (Wikipedia).
    Facing south:
  2. cedd - Cedd (c. 620 - 664), Anglo-Saxon monk from Lindisfarne; Bishop of the East Saxons in 653 and as his Cathedral was at Othona, near Bradwell, he would be a familiar figure in the 7th century Maldon. (Wikipedia).
  3. brihtnoth - Byrhtnoth, Ealdorman of Essex who died 10 August 991 at the Battle of Maldon. His name is composed of Old English beorht (bright) and noth (courage). Represented as a Christian warrior. (Wikipedia).
  4. mantell - Robert de Mantell, lord of the manor of Little Maldon, founder of Beeleigh Abbey in 1180 AD. Represented as a typical Norman squire with the legal deed of gift in one hand and a model of the abbey in the other.
  5. d'arcy - Sir Robert Darcy (Essex c. 1391 - Malden 1449), MP for the Borough of Maldon in the reign of Henry VI. The south aisle of the church is known as the D'Arcy Aisle. The D'Arcy Chapel was doubtless built by his generosity and is where members of his family were buried.
  6. plvme - Dr Thomas Plume (Maldon 1630 -1704) was an English churchman and philanthropist, founder of a school which still stands today, the Plume School, in Maldon (Wikipedia).

Maldon - Figures of Maldon's History
1. mellitus
Maldon - Figures of Maldon's History
2. cedd
Maldon - Figures of Maldon's History
3. brihtnoth
Maldon - Figures of Maldon's History
4. mantell
Maldon - Figures of Maldon's History
5. d'arcy
Maldon - Figures of Maldon's History
6. plvme


Sources & Information


  • Bishop
  • Byrhtnoth, Ealdorman of Essex
  • Cedd
  • Darcy, Robert
  • Façade with statues (church)
  • Hitch, Nathaniel
  • Knight
  • Mantell, Robert de
  • Mellitus
  • Philanthropist
  • Plume, Thomas
  • Location (N 51°43'54" - E 0°40'35")

    Item Code: gbee052; Photograph: 15 August 2015  / updated: 18 October 2015
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