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Bury St. Edmunds

East of England

Market Square

South African War Memorial

Arthur G. Walker

Bury St. Edmunds /  South African War Memorial   Bury St. Edmunds /  South African War Memorial


Bronze statue of a soldier, with a rifle, leaning on a rock. The pose was adapted from a Roman Dying Gladiator, but given a positive sense by the turn of the soldier's head as he looks back, presumably at his own troops, including the men who have fallen.


vulneratus non victus

[coat or arms of West Suffolk]

this monument
was erected by suffolk people as a memorial
to suffolk soldiers who lost their lives in the
south african war


Arthur G. Walker


The memorial was uneviled on 11th November 1904 by General Lord Methuen.

War memorial - list of names

We have photos of the list(s) of fallen on this memorial. Contact us if you want to see these lists. (contact form)


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Location (N 52°14'45" - E 0°42'44")

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