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East of England

Corn Hill
(Lloyds Bank)

Queen Victoria

London 1819 - Osborne House 1901
Queen of Great-Britain, 1837-1901
T.J. Cotman

Ipswich /  Queen Victoria   Ipswich /  Queen Victoria


Architectural decoration on the former Cobbold Bank (now Lloyds). Above the door left and right in roundels the head of Queen Victoria (right) and St. George with the motthoni soit qui mal y pense (Shamed be he who thinks evil of it, the motto of the Order of the Garter) (left) , based on design of golden sovereign.

Ipswich / Queen Victoria Ipswich / Queen Victoria


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Location (N 52°3'28" - E 1°9'10")

Item Code: gbee031; Photograph: 1 August 2012
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