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Maharajah Duleep Singh

Maharaja Dalip Singh, GCSI; commonly called Duleep Singh
(Lahore, Sikh Empire 1838 - Paris 1893
the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire
Denise Dutton

Thetford /  Maharajah Duleep Singh   Thetford /  Maharajah Duleep Singh


Bronze statue of the Maharajah is represented in contemporary Sikh ceremonial dress with royal regalia sitting upright on a life-size horse with replica saddle and bridle. The pedestal is in a decorative dark granite inlaid on all four sides with detailed inscriptions in gold incorporating both British and Sikh symbolism. The Khanda emblem is represented with the text "deg teg fateh" (Sikh saying which literally means victory (fateh) to kettle (deg) and sword (tegh)) on the small sides of the pedestal. The centenary coat of arms - with the name 1893-1993 maharaja duleep singh centenary, picked out in gold, red, blue and yellow is above the text on the broad sides of the pedestal.

Thetford / Maharajah Duleep Singh Thetford / Maharajah Duleep Singh Thetford / Maharajah Duleep Singh


"Bringing Histories and Cultures Together"
This plaque commemorates the official unveiling of this monument by
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, K.G.K.T. on 29th July 1999.

In 1843 maharajah duleep singh succeeded his father to the throne of the
sovereign sikh kingdom of punjab. he was destined to be its
last ruler.

In 1849 following the closely fought anglo-sikh wars the british
annexed the punjab. duleep singh was compelled to resign his sovereign
rights and exiled. it was at this time that the koh-i-noor diamond,
later to be incorporated into the crown jewels, passed to the british
Duleep singh eventually came to britain and settled at the elveden estate in
suffolk. he was a close favourite of queen victoria and became a
prominent local figure in east anglia.

Later in his life he announced his intention to return to his beloved
punjab but was not allowed to do so. he died in paris on october 22nd
1893 having re-embraced the sikh faith and whilst still engaged in a
struggle to reclaim his throne.

To this day the sikh nation aspires to
regain its sovereignty

ਮਹਾਰਾਜਾ ਦਲੀਪ ਸਿੰਘ

1838 - 1893

Thetford / Maharajah Duleep Singh
(text in punjabi - transcription & translation needed)


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Item Code: gbee020; Photograph: 1 August 2012
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