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King's Lynn

East of England

King's Staithe Square
(Bank House)

King Charles I

Dunfermline Palace 1600 - Whitehall Palace 1649
King of England, 1625-1649

17th century

King's Lynn /  King Charles I   King's Lynn /  King Charles I


Stone statue of King Charles I in full armour. It stands in a niche in the top façade of Bank House.

Information Sign

bank house
King's Staithe Square

Site of the medieval Tolbooth, facing
Bishop's Staithe. House of 1682, and a
statue of Charles I resited from a former
Custom House. West wing built c1750.
In 1782 became Gurney & Birkbeck's
Lynn Bank, with a Counting House
built in 1788


The identification with Charles I is not sure, an other town information signs says "The statue over the door is thought to be James I or Charles I and was placed here in 1703 having been removed from the original Custom House in Tuesday Market Place."

King's Lynn / King Charles I

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Location (N 52°45'10" - E 0°23'35")

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Item Code: gbee014; Photograph: 1 August 2012
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