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Ten Figures from Harwich History


Harwich /  Ten Figures from Harwich History   Harwich /  Ten Figures from Harwich History


Ten medallions with busts of historical figures, selected chiefly for their connexion with the history of Harwich. We are not sure about the identifications.
Who will correct or complete this list for us?
  1. Henry III (1207-1272), king of England 1216-1272; granted in 1222 a market at Dovercourt to Hugh le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk. (Wikipedia).
  2. Unknown
  3. ? Sir Anthony Deane (1638-1721), mayor of Harwich, naval architect, Master Shipwright and commercial shipbuilder, and Member of Parliament. (Wikipedia).
  4. ? Samuel Pepys (London 1633 - Clapham 1707), English naval administrator and Member of Parliament (Wikipedia).
  5. Christopher Jones (Harwich c. 1570 - 1622), master of the Mayflower between at least 1609 and 1622 (Wikipedia).
  6. Christopher Newport (London 1561 - Bantam 1617), English seaman and privateer (Wikipedia).
  7. Unknown
  8. Unknown
  9. James I (Edinburgh 1566 - Theobalds House 1625), king of England; gave in 1604 a new charter to Harwich. (Wikipedia).
  10. Henry VIII (Greenwich 1491 - London 1547), king of England; during his reign strong defences were built at Harwich (Wikipedia).

Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History
Henry III
Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich HistorySir Anthony Deane ? Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History
Samuel Pepys ?
Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History
Christopher Jones
Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History
Christopher Newport
Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History
James I
Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich History
Henry VIII


Formerly known as: Great Eastern Hotel. Railway hotel, later municipal offices, now flats. Built in 1864 by Thomas Allom and officially opened on 1 June 1865.

NB The Essex Standard writes that it concerns ten sovereigns of England related to Harwich.
Under the heads are three plaques erected by the Harwich Historical Society, unrelated to the head above it, with information on Christopher Newport (under #2), Harwich and the Mayflower (under #3) and Samuel Pepys (under #8). I suppose these figures are depicted, and added their name to the most appropriate portrait.

christopher newport was christened in
st. nicholas' church, harwich essex, on
december 29th 1561. after an adventurous
seafaring career in the west indies,
the virginia company appointed him
"sole commander" of the exepedition that,
in 1607, established jamestown, the first
permanent english settlement in america.
he died in 1617 on a trading expedition to java.

in 1620 the mayflower sailed to america with the
pilgrim fathers. the ship came from harwich, and the
master, christopher jones, lived at 21, kings head street.
he was twice married at st. nicholas's church, in july
the mayflower left london for southampton, where
the pilgrim fathers embarked, and after calling at
dartmouth and plymouth, arrived at cape cod, new
england in november 1620.
SAMUEL PEPYS 1633-1703

famous diarist, master of trinity house,
first secretary of the admiralty and m.p. for harwich.
pepys was a frequent visitor to harwich in the course
of his naval and parliamentary duties. he probably
stayed with his good friends, sir anthony deane,
master of the harwich shipyard, who was the second
m.p. for harwich.
Harwich - Ten Figures from Harwich Histor

Sources & Information


  • Deane, Anthony
  • Henry III (King of England)
  • Henry VIII (King of England)
  • James I (King of England)
  • Jones, Christopher
  • Mayor
  • Monarch
  • Newport, Christopher
  • Pepys, Samuel
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Sea Captain
  • Location (N 51°56'52" - E 1°17'11")

    Item Code: gbee009; Photograph: 23 July 2012
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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