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Pont Kitchener-Marchand (2e, 5e)

Le Rhône et la Saône

The Rhône and the Saône

Marcel Renard

Lyon /  Le Rhône et la Saône   Lyon /  Le Rhône et la Saône


On the piers of the Pont Kitchener-Marchand are four aluminium sculptures representing the rivers Rhône and Saône.

We only could make photos of the statues on the north side (from the Vaporetto boat service), as far as can be seen with Google Streetview the two on the south side are identical with those on the north.

Lyon - Le Rhône et la Saône
West: Woman holds grapes under her arm and a cup in her hand; the man has fish under his arm.
Lyon - Le Rhône et la Saône
East: the man with fish and a net and the woman with a boat.


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Location (N 45°45'5" - E 4°49'20")

Item Code: frra311; Photograph: 18 August 2018
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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