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Quai Georges Lévy
(Maison du fleuve Rhône)

Le Rhône

The Rhône

Georges Salendre

Givors /  Le Rhône   Givors /  Le Rhône


Sculpture in Burgundy stone representing the river Rhône. In a note preserved in the municipal archives of Givors, Salendre described his statue, made in the tradition of the statues of rivers in the classical period as a "bearded athlete, lying, leaning on his right arm behind his back, holding in his left hand an oar, resting on his thigh.". Signed: It is carved in a block of 25 tons.

The sculpture was planned in 1957 to adorn the center of the roundabout at the left bank at the bridge Guillotière in Lyon. After the dead of mayor Herriot March 1957, the project failed. It was exhibited in 1964 in La Courneuve, and placed in 1966 at the promenade Maurice Thorez in Givors. In December 2016 it was replaced to the Maison du fleuve Rhône near the park devoted to Salendre's sculptures.


g. salendre

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Le Rhône

Georges Salendre, 1964


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Locatie (N 45°35'4" - E 4°46'32") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: frra216; Photograph: 15 August 2018
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