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Place de Gordes

Le Berger Cyparisse

The Shepherd Cyparissus

Cyparissus or Kyparissos (Greek: Κυπάρισσος)
figure from Greek mythology
Jean-Esprit Marcellin
c. 1850

Grenoble /  Le Berger Cyparisse   Grenoble /  Le Berger Cyparisse


Sculpture of Cyparissus with in his arms the stag he just killed. Cyparissus was a boy beloved by Apollo. The favorite companion of Cyparissus was a tamed stag, which he accidentally killed with his hunting javelin as it lay sleeping in the woods. The boy's grief was such that it transformed him into a cypress tree, a classical symbol of mourning.


j. marcellin (no photo).


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Location (N 45°11'32" - E 5°43'39")

Item Code: frra164; Photograph: 13 August 2018
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