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Place Louis-Pradel (1e)

Louise Labé et Maurice Scève

Louise Labé and Maurice Scève

Louise Labé (Lyon c. 1524 - Parcieux-en-Dombes 1566)
Maurice Scève (Lyon c. 1501 - Lyon c. 1564), French poets
(Wikipedia: Labé and Scève)
Jean Ipoustéguy

Lyon /  Louise Labé et Maurice Scève   Lyon /  Louise Labé et Maurice Scève


Modern sculpture including a statue of Louise Labé, and Maurice Scève, both mentioned by the sculpture in the dedication by the sculptor on the base:

en hommage a louise labe et maurice sceve poetes lyonnais. ipousteguy 1981

This sculpture, to which the sculptor has also given a second title, 'le corps du délit' (the body of the crime), represents 'both a woman who appears to be split up and the fusion of two bodies. By its deployment in space as agitated and violent as subtle and carnal, this work is a true ode to love'(Defillon 2017).


blanchet fondeur

Lyon - Louise Labé et Maurice Scève


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Location (N 45°46'5" - E 4°50'11")

Item Code: frra128; Photograph: 12 August 2018
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