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Place des Terreaux 20 (1e)
(Jardin du Palais Saint-Pierre)

Gilliatt et la pieuvre

Gilliatt and the Octopus

Main character from Victor Hugo, Les travailleurs de la mer (Toilers of the sea) (1866)
Joseph Carlier

Lyon /  Gilliatt et la pieuvre   Lyon /  Gilliatt et la pieuvre


The marble sculpture shows Gilliatt fighting with an octopus.

Jardin du Palais Saint-Pierre

The garden of the Palais Saint-Pierre is a municipal garden located within the the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon. It is a rectangular garden delimited by the arcades of the old cloister of the Benedictine abbey. It is located right in the city center on the peninsula. Like the Museum, the garden is open every day, except Tuesdays and holidays.

In the garden a number of sculptures of the museum is placed:

Bronze sculptures

Marble sculptures

At the walls:


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Location (N 45°46'0" - E 4°49'59")

Item Code: frra117; Photograph: 12 August 2018
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