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Place des Jacobins (2e)

Fontaine des Jacobins

Jacobins Fountain

Gaspard André & Charles Degeorge

Lyon /  Fontaine des Jacobins   Lyon /  Fontaine des Jacobins


The marble fountain, of a pyramidal type, consists of four floors of basins and circular and trefoil basins. Four mermaids at the edge of the 3rd basin holds fish spouting water into the 2nd basin
At the top, a square-shaped building, inspired by the funerary monument of Glanum and the pyramid that adorned the Roman stadium in Vienna, houses the statues of famous Lyon artists, one for each century:

At the top of the square monument is a round temple with on the frieze the text 'la ville de lyon aux artistes qui l'ont illustree 1878 - legs danton 1847'.

Lyon - Fontaine des Jacobins
philibert delorme

Philibert de l'Orme, or Delorme
(Lyon c. 1514 - Paris 1570)
French architect and writer

Lyon - Fontaine des Jacobins
gerard audran

Gérard Audran
(Lyon 1640 - Paris 1703)
French engraver

Lyon - Fontaine des Jacobins
guillaume coustou

Guillaume Coustou
(Lyon 1677 - Paris 1746)
French sculptor and academician

Lyon - Fontaine des Jacobins
hippolyte flandrin

Hippolyte Flandrin
(Lyon 1809 - Rome 1864)
French painter

The fountain is designed by Gaspard André and the statues were sculpted by Charles Degeorge.


Sources & Information


  • Architect
  • Audran, Gérard
  • Coustou, Guillaume
  • Degeorge, Charles
  • Delorme, Philibert
  • Engraver
  • Flandrin, Hippolyte
  • Fountain
  • Mermaid
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Statue
  • Location (N 45°45'37" - E 4°50'0")

    Item Code: frra097; Photograph: 12 August 2018
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