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Quay Baron de Blonay / Rue du Port
(Place Charles de Gaulle)

Monument aux Morts

War Memorial

Alfred Boucher & Elie Descotes

Évian-les-Bains /  Monument aux Morts   Évian-les-Bains /  Monument aux Morts


Large monument. A column is surmounted by a statue of the winged Victory with sword and laurel wreath, and the text EVIAN / SES / ENFANTS, with at the foot of the column a statue of a soldier with a flag with below him the years 1914-1918. The columns stands on three steps, with on the right side a statue of a mourning woman seeing her young son guided by an angel. On both sides of thn colum are wings with marble reliefs.

On the both ends of the wings are later added the years 1939 and 1945, with the texts A.F.N. and INDOCHINE, and metal shields.

évian-les-Bains - Monument aux Morts évian-les-Bains - Monument aux Morts évian-les-Bains - Monument aux Morts
évian-les-Bains - Monument aux Morts
Soldier saying goodbye to his family
évian-les-Bains - Monument aux Morts
Family mourning for a dead soldier


Elie DESCOTES sculpteur
auteur du monument


A website says "Monument aux Morts 1914-1918 par Alfred Boucher 1922 - bas-reliefs en marbre par Elie Descotes"



  • Country: France
  • Angel
  • Boucher, Alfred
  • Descotes, Elie
  • Soldier
  • Victory
  • War Memorial (France - WWI)
  • Woman (mourning)
  • Woman with children
  • Location (N 46°24'4" - E 6°35'35")

    Item Code: frra003; Photograph: 4 June 2013
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