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Domaine de Chantilly  
(Jardin à l'anglaise)

Temple de Vénus

Venus Temple

Antique sculptor/artist & Louis Alvarez
17th century

Chantilly /  Temple de Vénus   Chantilly /  Temple de Vénus


Small circular temple with a copy of the Venus Callipyge, on the base: ΚΑΛΛΙΠΥΓΟΣ ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ. This is an Ancient Roman marble statue, thought to be a copy of an older Greek original. In an example of anasyrma, it depicts a partially draped woman, raising her light peplos to uncover her hips and buttocks, and looking back and down over her shoulder, perhaps to evaluate them. The subject is conventionally identified as Venus (Aphrodite), though it may equally be a portrait of a mortal woman.

The copy was bought at Alvarez c. 1687-89.

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D'après l'antique

Chantilly - Temple de Vénus


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Locatie (N 49°11'51" - E 2°28'54") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: frpi101; Photograph: 16 October 2017
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