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Domaine de Chantilly  
(Cour du château)

Les chiens de chasse

The Hounds

Fanfareau et Brillador / Lumineau et Séduisant
Auguste N. Cain

Chantilly /  Les chiens de chasse   Chantilly /  Les chiens de chasse


Two sculpture groups of two dogs each flank the entrance to the castle. These sculptures were commissioned by the Duke of Aumale to Auguste Cain, one of the best animal sculptors of the nineteenth century. The plaster model of these dogs was exhibited at the Salon of 1881. These dogs carry on their flank the mark of the Condé pack: a right-angled triangle symbolizing the royal fleur-de-lis of the Bourbon with, in the center, the stick perished in band, particularity of the junior branch of Condé.

The name of each dog is written on the base: FANFARAUT and BRILLADOR, LUMINEAU and SEDUISANT.

Chantilly - Les chiens de chasse

Left group: Fanfaraut and Brillador

Chantilly - Les chiens de chasse

Right group: Lumineau and Séduisant


(both groups) a. cain 1880

Information Sign

auguste cain (1880)


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Location (N 49°11'37" - E 2°29'10")

Item Code: frpi089; Photograph: 16 October 2017
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