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Place de l 'Hôtel de Ville
(Hôtel de Ville)

Statues de la façade de l 'Hôtel de Ville

Statues on the façade of the Town Hall

Henri-Alfred Jacquemart & Henri-Honoré Plé

Compiègne /  Statues de la façade de l 'Hôtel de Ville   Compiègne /  Statues de la façade de l 'Hôtel de Ville


In the center of the façade is a bronze equestrian portrait of Louis XII in relief (by Jacquemart 1869) in a large niche, and six stone statues on pedestals (by Plé), from left to right:
  1. Saint-Denis, bishop of Paris, 3rd century (Wikipedia).
  2. Saint-Louis, king Louis IX of France, 1226-1270 (Wikipedia).
  3. Charles VII, king of France, 1422-1461 (Wikipedia).
    equestrian portrait of Louis XII, king of France, 1498-1515 (statue from 1860), (Wikipedia).
  4. Jeanne d'Arc (c. 1412-1430), national heroine of France (Wikipedia).
  5. cardinal Pierre d'Ailly, (1351 - 9 August 1420), born in Compiègne, French theologian, astrologer, and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church (Wikipedia).
  6. Charlemagne (742-814), King of the Franks from and Emperor of the Romans (Wikipedia).
    and on the left wing
  7. relief of Justice

1. Saint-Denis

2. Saint-Louis

3. Charles VII

4. Jeanne d'Arc

5. Pierre d'Ailly

6. Charlemagne  

7. Justice


Signed (equestrian portrait): a jacquemart


Sources & Information


  • Charlemagne
  • Charles VII (King of France)
  • Denis, St.
  • Façade with statues (secular)
  • Jacquemart, Henri-Alfred
  • Jeanne d`Arc, St.
  • Justice (Justitia)
  • Louis IX (King of France)
  • Louis XII (King of France)
  • Louis, St.
  • Plé, Henri-Honoré
  • Town Hall
  • Location (N 49°25'4" - E 2°49'33")

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    Item Code: frpi011; Photograph: 24 May 2011  / updated: 1 August 2011
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