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Place du 8 Octobre 1870

Monument de la défense de 1557

Monument for the Defense of Saint Quentin 1557

Corneille Theunissen & Louis Bertrand

Saint-Quentin /  Monument de la défense de 1557   Saint-Quentin /  Monument de la défense de 1557


Monument, 11.50 m high, with several bronze sculptures. Saint Quentin, represented by a woman with sword and mural crown, protecting France, represented by a woman with a lily flag, standing on top of a square column, which rests on a circilar base. Around the column are four scenes of the defense: Thus, three scenes show the heroic resistance of the city while, and on the back pain of the population is represented.

On the side of the base is the text and a plaque, and eight bronze coat of arms of the major defenders: c. de lallier, les canonniers, de lignieres, louis varlet, g. de coligny, d'amerval, les archers, and caulaincourt



a la gloire de ses citoyens
morts pour le salut de la France au siege de 1557
La Ville de St Quentin a eleve ce monument
avec le concours de Mr CH. PICARD ancien Maire

Signed (statue and group): Corneille Theunissen 1896 Louis BERTRAND 1932


The monument was destroyed during the First World War and reconstructed in 1932. Until 1989 it was located on the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, where it was removed for the construction of a parking garage.

The Battle of Saint-Quentin of 1557 was fought during the Franco-Habsburg War (1551-1559). The Spanish, who had regained the support of the English, won a significant victory over the French at Saint-Quentin (Wikipedia).


Sources & Information


  • Bertrand, Louis
  • Coat of arms
  • Coligny, Gaspard de
  • France (allegory)
  • Lallier, Catherine de
  • Soldier
  • Theunissen, Corneille
  • Varlet de Gibercourt
  • War Memorial (France - various)
  • War Memorial (France - various)
  • Location (N 49°50'31" - E 3°17'41")

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