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Jean-Baptiste Trystram

Ghyvelde 1821 - Dunkerque 1906
French industrialist and politician
Félix Alexandre Desruelles

Dunkerque /  Jean-Baptiste Trystram   Dunkerque /  Jean-Baptiste Trystram


Bronze statue of Trystram standing in a meditative attitude, one hand is placed on a plan of Dunkerque, the other is in the pocket of his pants. The Dunkerque plan rests on a kind of tree trunk, in front of which is a book with the inscription chambre de commerce. The statue is 2½ meters high and stands on a high granite pedestal of 3.75 m. At the bottom of the monument, the city of Dunkirk is represented by a woman holding a torch, resting on a ship's bow.

Dunkerque - Jean-Baptiste Trystram Dunkerque - Jean-Baptiste Trystram






The statue was inaugurated in 1911. It was undamaged in the First and Second World war, but during the German Occupation in 1941 it was taken to be melted down. It was however saved because the foreman of the Etablissement Mazelier told the Germans the statue was not made of real bronze. Only in 1972 the statue was replaced in the public space, but without the Dunkerque allegory. In 2000 statue and allegory were combined again and relocated to the present location.

Sources & Information


  • Country: France
  • Desruelles, Félix Alexandre
  • Dunkerque (allegory)
  • Industrialist
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Statue (man)
  • Trystram, Jean-Baptiste
  • Woman with torch
  • Location (N 51°2'28" - E 2°22'24")

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