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Place Saint-Rémy
(Église Saint-Jacques)

Saint Jean Népomucène et Saint Michel

Saint John of Nepomuk and Saint Michael

Barthélémy Guibal

Lunéville /  Saint Jean Népomucène et Saint Michel   Lunéville /  Saint Jean Népomucène et Saint Michel


Two stone statues on top of both of the 50 m high towers of the Église Saint-Jacques of respectively:
  1. (west tower) Saint Jean Népomucène - (Nepomuk c. 1345 - Praha 1393), confessor of the queen of Bohemia, refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional. At the behest of King Wenceslaus of Bohemia he was thrown from the Charles Bridge in Prague and drowned. John of Nepomuk is patron saint of bridges (Wikipedia)
  2. (east tower) Saint Michel - the Archangel, the field commander of the Army of God. He is often depicted slaying Satan represented as a dragon, and with a shield with text quis ut deus (Who is like God?, a literal translation of the name Michael). (Wikipedia).
    N.B. the statue of St. Michael is damaged, the complete upper part is missing.


The church was built between 1730 and 1747.

The photos are taken with a 500 mm telelens from the Cour du Château - at a distance of 300 m from the church!

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Locatie (N 48°35'32" - E 6°29'31") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: frlo075; Photograph: 14 June 2011
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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