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Rue de Beauregard / Rue Maréchal Foch

Monument aux Morts de 1813

War Memorial 1813


Vézelise /  Monument aux Morts de 1813   Vézelise /  Monument aux Morts de 1813


Cast iron statue of a woman symbolising France or Peace trampling on a pile of weapons.


souvenir français
aux enfants
du canton de vezelise
morts pour la patrie
a nous le souvenir
a eux l' immortalite!
a la memoire
de 83 braves de la
Grande armee
enterres a vezelise
en 1813
(two other sides of the socle are inscribed with names)

Signed: Millet Marcigny (?)


During the wars of the Empire, at the request of the authority, the directors of the hospital of Vézelise decided to install 15 beds for soldiers. However, the events exceeded the expectations and they had to face, from November 1813 to March 1814, with an influx of soldiers of the Grand Army, who after unsuccessful campaigns, retreated to France through Lorraine and hundreds of men were sent to the hospital of Vézelise, 83 were buried in the city and for them is this monument. The erection was authorized January 15, 1908.

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Locatie (N 48°29'18" - E 6°5'33") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: frlo058; Photograph: 13 June 2011
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