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Monument des Droits de l'Homme

Monument of Human Rights

Ivan Theimer

Paris /  Monument des Droits de l'Homme   Paris /  Monument des Droits de l'Homme


Monument recalling an ancient Jewish temple. In front of the 'temple' are four bronze sculptures: All faces of the 'temple' are different: The whole structure is placed on an elevated level with two steps. On the corners are bronze cauldrons.


This monument, dedicated to the Human Rights, was installed in Champs de Mars, in 1989--the 200th anniversary of "La Déclaration des droits de l'Homme et du citoyen." (Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen)

This Declaration is one of the fundamental documents of the French Revolution, defining a set of individual rights and collectives rights of all the estates as one. Influenced by the doctrine of natural rights, these rights are universal: they are supposed to be valid in all times and places, pertaining to human nature itself. The last article of the Declaration was adopted August 26, 1789, by the Assemblée nationale constituante (National Constituent Assembly), as the first step toward writing a constitution. While it set forth fundamental rights, not only for French citizens but for all men without exception, it did not make any statement about the status of women, nor did it explicitly address slavery.


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